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All videos used on ireflect home screen are either through 1.

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  1. Or through Envato Elements (to which my parents have a legal account)

All items on Envato Elements have the same simple license terms. You get broad commercial rights, so you can use items with confidence on work or personal projects.

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  1. Except the video put in usage in Post V – Qawwali the Divien Music of the Mystics which is a trailer for the documentary for “Music of the Mystics – The Qawwali Documentary Series by Fanna-Fi-Allah



Post I – The Hidden Mysteries of Islamic Magic

Magical medicinal Bowl from Syria is sourced from

IT belongs to the owners of the image.

Post II The Formation of magics, The Pagan and pre-Islamic influences of Sihr

The image of Al Tabir belongs to the website and the author

Post IV

All images belong to the Public domain except for the Sufi Alchemy image which is found


The Image of Jahangir

Jahangir (d.1627) preferring Sufi shaikhs over King James I of England; by Bichitr, earlier 1620’s

Source: Stuart Cary Welch, Imperial Mughal Painting. New York: George Braziller, 1978. Image: Plate 22, p. 82; scan by FWP, Aug. 2001


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