The Six Sentinels

Non Fiction

The Six Sentinels


Shan Iyer





Feel we live in a vastly unjust and unfair world? Does the spectre of the next day bring open trepidation? Have some sense our world Is going down a path to a frightening reality? Do you contain some sense that under the system, we exist in the form of inequitable chaotic anarchy? You are not alone.

These Six Sentinels exist within our current epoch as six interconnected conceptual linchpins that impede our universal progress. Under one world, they manifest effects on our world, complicating it by social cancers.
Together, they collectively represent the mass addictions to all, which are leading to the path of a possible dystopia.
Today, the proletariat of the world will address consensus for correcting the path mankind follows blindly – carving a new path for demanding universal systemic change.

Within every passing day, the current view of amassing transitory and finite wealth divides us whole – the reality between the rich and the poor is growing wider. Ideas of what is desirable and what is unreal grows more apparent.
The third-world nations have become consumed as slave states to the first world’s privileges by the self-assumed global superpowers.

Yes, we can open and admonish the world is a cold, unfair place. Yes, things must be required to change. And today marks the light of hope’s return.

The masses slowly, one by one, are quietly being roused from the chasms of their dreaming slumbers…today, the future is being constructed by those who dare to dream the mark of change.

We will tear down the false realities by cleaving what is desired and what will be cast out – all false cages and prisons: The vast assorted array of systems that the people will by universal social engineering.
Today, the sleeping masses are realizing that the world is indeed unfair and deciding to act in unison.

Today marks our day. This is our world, this is our time, and this is our future. We can seek, envsion shape the world into our own shape by benevolence.

The Six Sentinels seeks to address the new revision of the nature of the system -To convey ideas for a veracious future. Within all of our human organism, it advances many passages to repair experiential nature. We shall aspire to guide humanity to oceans of tranquillity, to its final expression, the accession of the utopian dream.

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